Root & Flourish

in your life, in your body, in your truth

Where are you stuck?

Are you frustrated by that lingering health condition, toxic family dynamics, unhealthy relationship patterns or self destructive habits? You want to make lasting changes, elevate your life and heal, but you’re discouraged to find yourself facing the same problems again and again. 

To change your life, achieve the things you want or to reach new levels in your work or business, issues will come up for you to heal. You can avoid this discomfort or your can use it to help you rise.

The path to Growth &Healing is a Spiral

Healing is an opportunity to remove old beliefs patterns, habits or situations that are keeping you from reaching your next level. Instead of seeing these issues as challenges or signs of what you’ve done wrong, I see these gateways as opportunities to step forward on your path. 

I love empowering women like you to navigate your journey with more confidence and ease by helping you connect with your inner wisdom. This includes the truth that lives in your body, the wisdom of your emotions, the flow of your energy, the guidance of your spirit and the power of your thoughts. 


Work With Me

At my core, I’m a passionate explorer of life’s mysteries. I’ve spent more than 20 years as a wellness practitioner, an educator and a coach. My mission is to help people heal at all levels, in body, mind, heart and spirit so you can grow and thrive. My natural curiosity has led me to learn and experience an exceptional variety of therapies and methods that help people heal and improve their lives in conceptual and tangible ways. I offer services to help you HEAL, events and experiences for RETREAT and intuitive coaching or support as your GUIDE




Clients Have Their Say…

From Mich

“Erica is the absolute goddess of understanding and she has the ability to communicate HUGE ideas in ways that are so palatable and yet moving. In general, working with Erica is amazing. She is an incredible translator of the wonders of our universe. Over the course of working together for more than a year, she has introduced me to many new concepts and aspects of myself, or deeper understanding of myself. I hit a very low point, and Erica caught me. She led me out, over the phone, while I was stuck in horrible shoulder pain, low energy, high anxiety, and on the brink of stumbling into seasonal depression. When we hung up, two weeks worth of intense shoulder pain was gone. Then I noticed my anxiety was gone, and then I noticed something more profound – the lower back pain that has plagued me daily for years had vanished. I’m in awe, and full of gratitude. I am so happy to know Erica, to have the chance to experience brand new elements of the world and myself with her magic.”

From Anna

I have never met anyone who connected so precisely on what i needed. When I booked the session, I was not expecting a miracle…but I got exactly that. She listened I intently, asking me questions which slowly pieced the puzzle together and delivered a powerful light bulb moment. Erica’s knowledge, wisdom, ability to translate little bits of information into one coherent picture which shows you exactly what the missing link is to solving your issue, is simply inimitable. Erica is magical and I cannot thank her enough for being a part of my healing.

From Lucy

“I recommend Erica’s coaching as a life affirming and transformative experience. Through every communication she reinforced my value, being loving to myself and empowering me to make my own changes. She really listened to what I said, helped me customize my plan to use methods selected for me, pushing me into discovery and progress at a pace that worked for me. She has a real gift – like a hug of comfort, with a shoulder to lean on and a pat on the back, all at the same time. The support, learning and results far exceeded my expectations!” 

From Alex

The program was a source of light and positivity in a time of personal darkness. Getting focused and intentional created the opportunity for breakthrough moments to happen

From Jody

Working with Erica has been so soothing and supportive. Her guidance was deeply loving. I look forward to doing more work with her.

From Deni

Our calls were very helpful in giving me direction. I was in a place where I felt incapable of change…Erica was able to cut through my fog and mental static and get me to begin to release some of my self-imposed pain.”

From Katie

Where to begin?? Erica was the most inviting a kind woman to find as I walked through the doors this Saturday morning. So many emotions come to mind from this experience but mostly gratitude. She is an inspiration and I will carry the experience with me the rest of my life. I’m definitely attending as many of her events as possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Erica.”

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