What does alignment mean to you?

Does it make you think of building blocks or straight and curvy lines? Most coaches don’t go there first. In coach world, the word alignment often refers to comparing your purpose, values and goals with your thoughts, focus, actions and the essence of who you are to be sure they “line up”.

I always think about that word and immediately imagine a human body, with lines and joints, skin, muscle and bone. Tension patterns like a spiderweb, weaving connective tissue throughout, holding all the random squishy parts in.

The beautiful nuance of a slightly lifted shoulder, delicately tilted head, coy rotation and subtle guarding can look plainly normal. To me, alignment is first and foremost about the physical body. More is happening in those slight shifts than a simple case of joints stacked like building blocks, facilitating the mechanics of movement.

I see the body as a complex and dynamic system that carries the emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic bodies within a physical structure.

To me, alignment is not simply lining up the joints, finding balance between left and right side or top and bottom. It is also about aligning what is happening within a person and how they are living on the outside.

It is about integrating emotions, mindset, energy within your body and allowing them to work together, solidly supporting you, so you can move freely. I’m not talking only about ease of physical movement. I’m talking about your ability to freely express yourself, follow your bliss and your purpose, carrying your energy powerfully and unapologetically, as you navigate your life.

Most of us get that spidey sense when something feels off. When someone feels out of alignment or out of integrity. You can tell when someone is lying to you or themselves.

I SEE this misalignment. I see it energetically and physically. Often it’s like the edges are blurry in those spaces where the energy isn’t congruent. I feel it in the energy that is coming off of you and when I am working with you, I see and feel those signals in my own body, allowing me to translate the energy and messages into words you can better understand.

Alignment Looks like this:


Your inner self; your body, emotions, thoughts, spirit aligns with your outer self; your actions, habits, relationships, and environment your emotions.


In an Intuitive Healing Session

You might be worried about your relationship, freaking out about your next business launch, wishing for clarity on your next steps, swirling around your purpose or dealing with a physical condition such as chronic illness, an autoimmune condition or chronic pain.

Whatever the situation, I sink into the truth that lives in your body and your spirit. I see both physically and energetically and I can lead you on a journey to connect with and address what your body is asking for. I might also share insights, inspiration or truths I see reflected in you. I might channel some awesome advice from your guides or mine.

All I know for sure is that your body and your spirit want to support you and guide you. We just aren’t attuned to understanding their language. Your truth and these messages live in your body. Luckily, I am fluent in body-speak after 20+ years as a massage therapist and energy worker. I am also a coach so I can guide and support you on a variety of levels and work with the things your mind, your spirit and your body are throwing out there.