Erica Jones

root & flourish in your life, in your body, in your truth

Do you believe the myth –

to have it all, you must do it all?

Everything looks perfect on the outside. You have the family, the house, the career and the lifestyle other women would envy. Or, you’re tenaciously striving to build those things for yourself.

Either way, you’re like a duck. Calm, lovely and serene on the surface, paddling like hell underneath to maintain, keep from drowning, and continue moving forward.

Do you believe you have to do Everything Yourself?


Does wanting, needing or asking for support feel like a sign of weakness.


  If you’re like me, you’re much more comfortable giving, to everyone and everything else, than being open to receiving. Asking for what you need? That can feel hard. Instead, you work harder, sacrificing yourself and your needs for the greater good; for family and school obligations, for relationships, for your work or to build the business of your dreams, in hopes that you’ll eventually be able to enjoy the awesome life you’re building.  



 This is unsustainable. And it’s a lie.

If you are prioritizing other things over your basic needs like sleep, healthy food, exercise, or relationships and connection, you will be unable to sustain your pace and priorities for long.  Even if you can keep up for a time, the stress and pressure can easily cause a cascade of other problems mentally, emotionally and physically. Moving forward will be harder and harder, until you paddle yourself into exhaustion, illness or injury – leaving you struggling more frantically to keep your head above water.

This happened to me when the stress and pressure of motherhood and entrepreneurship (coupled with not taking care of my primary needs like sleep and connection) lead to an autoimmune condition and chronic pain.

Women like you are High Achieving, Capable & Independent

Asking for help can feel shameful and impossible. Maybe deep down you feel like you don’t deserve the support you desperately need,  


Do you feel like: 

  • You should be happier, but happiness is fleeting.
  • You’re failing – your family, your clients and especially yourself.
  • You want a peaceful, purposeful life, instead you’re busy and stressed.
  • Something is missing, but you don’t know what.
  • You’re torn between your obligations and what you really want.
  • Your inner perfectionist is never quiet. (What would happen if you were REAL for once?)
  • You don’t sleep well and your energy isn’t what it used to be.
  • You have chronic stress, tension, headaches, pain or illness.
  • You’re suffering anxiety or depression, but your pain isn’t visible and you keep it hidden.
  • You’re increasingly impatient, irritable and frustrated with your kids, spouse or colleagues.
  • Your inner critic is relentless. “Hold yourself together!” “If I don’t do it, nobody will.” “Just make it work.” “What is wrong with me?” “If one more person asks me for something, I might lose it!”

 The path to


is a Spiral

To grow a business, change your life or achieve the things you want, issues will come up for you to heal.

Healing is an opportunity to remove old beliefs, patterns, habits or that are keeping you from reaching your next level. Instead of seeing these issues as challenges or signs of what you’ve done wrong, I see them as opportunities to step forward on your path.

Deep Wisdom lives within

The problem is we are conditioned to ignore that wisdom, for the sake of productivity.

Your inner voice communicates in gentle whispers, flashes of inspiration, nudges, ideas and dreams. It also communicates through messages in your body such as physical sensations, emotions, illness or pain. 

It can be difficult to recognize the messages from your Inner Compass amidst the loud, frantic, busy demands of external pressures and societal expectations.

As a 20 year veteran bodyworker, wellness practitioner & educator, I’m fluent in body-speak. I’ve discovered deep joy in helping women like you to connect with your Inner Compass, so you can navigate life with more power and ease. I do this work individually during Intuitive Healing & Strategy Sessions.  I also lead groups of women in this process at Workshops and Root & Flourish Retreats.