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Bowenwork is magical

In truth the results are astounding, but it’s an unusual therapy and has been difficult to explain. I’ve seen profound results for myself and my clients, including dramatic improvements in conditions involving chronic pain and injury, so you deserve to know more. I’m going to attempt a better explanation here. 

Do you believe that more is better? 

More time, more pressure or more effort? Most bodyworkers think 90 minutes is better than an hour. Deep tissue is better than Swedish massage. Bowenwork flips these assumptions on their head. Less is more. Bowenwork is a very gentle type of therapy, and to address a serious condition, less time and less work is more powerful and effective.


My Experience
When I first experienced bowenwork, I was accustomed to very deep bodywork. In my experience, the more deep or painful the massage was, the more “therapeutic” it was. My bowenwork session surprised me with how gentle it was. 

I didn’t feel much initially, until the practitioner moved my ankle and I felt tingling immediately in my foot. This blew my mind since I had nerve damage and absolutely no sensation in my foot for a year and a half prior to this session.

I had never been so relaxed
The tingling sensation moved from my foot, to my leg and then throughout my body. By the end of the session, I felt more relaxed than I had ever felt from a massage or other therapy, in my life. I left the session feeling amazing, but the real magic came as I experienced profound healing in my leg during the weeks following my session. 

The healing didn’t happen overnight. Nerve regeneration happens over time. For me, it took about a month following that one bowenwork session for my foot to feel normal again.


I had to learn what Bowenwork was all about.

I signed up for the next Bowenwork class in Chicago. It changed the way I would look at the body forever. AS it turns out, while massage is mostly focused on soft tissue (muscles and connective tissue) and joint mobilization, bowenwork primarily affects the brain and nervous system. Since the brain controls the rest of the body, performing a Bowen move is like entering a password to reset a computer.

Bowen tells the brain what part to address and the body sends signals through the nervous system to reset. Your body begins making corrections and shifts from the state it was in to a more natural, neutral state. Your body begins to heal itself and you feel amazing.  Boom. People notice huge benefits after only a few sessions. It doesn’t make sense. (Which is partially why I love it so much!)

Most of my clients experience significant improvements in 3-5 sessions. These sessions can be done over the course of 1-3 months. Now, when I say that, remember… every person is different. Some clients, like me, notice a HUGE benefit in 1 sessions. For others 3 or 4 might do the trick. 

Once a 30 year old client came to see me…

She experienced chronic back pain on a daily basis, since she had a gymnastics injury when she was 15. She had been getting massage and chiropractic adjustments on a weekly or biweekly basis for the last 2+ years. The pain had diminished, but never went away completely. 

I did 4 sessions of bowenwork for her.

She disappeared and I didn’t see her for a few years, until I ran into her at a grocery store. She was all smiles, and said “Do you know why you haven’t seen me in the last 2 years?” I was perplexed. “Um… no. What’s been going on?” I will never forget her response.  

“The last time I saw you was the last time I felt back pain”

I have so many stories like this. It’s unbelievable. In a massage, everything that happens occurs in that hour and your body slowly goes back to how it was before.

Bowenwork starts a healing process that can continue for the next 5-10 days. 


in a Session

Most clients receive bowenwork laying on a massage table, wearing loose clothing. The movements are very gentle, rolling movements that create a vibration in the body, similar to plucking a guitar string. These are done on specific locations of the body, depending on what procedures we are doing in a session. 


The first 2 sessions are typically done a week apart with no other bodywork in between. We always start with the basic relaxation moves which address the back, shoulders and neck and set the foundation for all other work that we might do, to focus on your problem areas. Does it still sound strange?


Are you wondering if it will help your condition? I have been practicing massage for 20+ years and bowenwork for 17+. In a phone consultation, we can discuss if bowenwork is right for you. Do you know another way to learn more about Bowenwork?



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