Erica Jones

root & flourish in your life, in your body, in your truth

Coaching Changed My Life

As a fiercely independent, high-achiever, I was ashamed to need or (gasp!) ask for help. Delegating also meant trusting and letting go of control. Impossible! It was easier to do everything myself.

For the last 20 years, I have passionately explored healing and wellness modalities to help myself, family, friends and clients.  Coaching took me farther, more quickly than all the therapies I studied before. Mindset work was key to overcoming the paralyzing perfectionism, overwhelm and frustration that I faced over the years that kept me stagnant, stuck or playing small. 

My first experience with coaching helped me change my thoughts, habits and mindset. My health, relationships, and my relationship with myself improved dramatically as a result. I went on to work with coaches to support my business, marketing, branding and systems. 

Today the idea of doing my life and business alone, without a supportive coach or community sounds like a slow boil of suffering and torture. Just as most new moms dream of a village, women and business owners also need support and community. Our society is a long way from meeting these needs, but coaching and communities can begin to fill these gaps. 

Start a Journey


Root & Flourish Retreat

This retreat will help you connect more deeply to yourself and your inner wisdom (Inner Compass) so you can heal & grow in a sustainable way. In retreat, we will connect to the wisdom that lives in your mind, body, heart & spirit to help you better navigate life. Deep roots will help you weather any storm, flourish & thrive. 


Intuitive Healing or Business Strategy

Sometimes beautiful plans fail or your action isn’t paying off. Other times, you can’t bring yourself to get started, you’re unclear, feel like you’re stuck in the mud or unable get any momentum. Maybe it’s time to stop trying to force things to happen and start asking. Why is this happening? What’s keeping me stuck? Your body is probably sending messages if you’d just slow down and listen. In these sessions you connect with your problem and the messages your body is sending, I can help you connect understand what it’s trying to say.


Season of Support

At some point living a high pressure, high stress lifestyle will lead to pain, illness or injury. This is your body’s way of slowing you down. It can feel intolerable to take the time required to heal, but your body is your biggest asset and it may be time to treat it that way. Could your condition be an opportunity to heal and grow? Support is personalized to meet you where you are and support where you’re going.

“deep roots are not reached by frost” – JRR Tolkien