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root & flourish in your life, in your body, in your truth

Healing for Impactful Leaders

Being a dynamic leader in your company or a business badass hasn’t come without sacrifice. Whether you are an entrepreneur or an executive, you face the same long hours, relentless pressure, and persistent stress. As you strive for greater professional heights, you may find the quality of your life is suffering.

Do you find yourself:

  • Sacrificing family, fun and time with friends to focus on other priorities?
  • Feeling like you’re running on empty, but you find it difficult to unplug and recharge?
  • Facing illness, an injury or chronic pain that wreaks havoc on your body and your carefully curated schedule?
  • Being more frustrated, impatient or irritable with your loved ones?
  • Struggling to have the energy to get through the day?
  • Having difficulties being present at home, because of pressure at work?
  • Missing the joy and pleasure of your favorite activities?
  • Worrying constantly about the health, wellbeing and happiness of your partner, your kids or your business?

Do you feel the places where stress is impacting your health and wellbeing?

Are your coffee fueled mornings and cozy evenings of wine and netflix no longer serving you?

Can you imagine feeling good WHILE creating a successful, vibrant, joyful and fulfilling life?

Connect to Your Inner Compass

Your body can be a trusted advisor, offering vast wisdom and unique insights to support you. Your racing mind and waves of emotion can amplify your imagined fears, but your body tells the truth. The problem is, most of us are too busy to listen.

I can teach you ways to get out of your head and guide you on your journey of reconnection, exploration, healing and growth that begins by connecting to your intuition and inner wisdom. 


  • Proactively investing in your body as an asset and ally, not out of urgency or inconvenience.
  • Making self care a consistent, regular practice instead of an occasional afterthought. 
  • Creating supportive systems so you can spend more time in activities that you love. 
  • Dedicating time to rest and play to fuel connection, creativity and inspiration.
  • Recognizing physical, mental and emotional challenges as opportunities for growth and healing that are acknowledged and honored.
  • Feeling energized, confident and powerful in your life and work.

I made this for you

Usually that nagging injury, chronic illness or troubled relationship won’t get better on its own. It can drag you down for months (or even years) if you don’t make your healing and recovery a priority. A seemingly small issue can become a mountain of pain or discomfort that disrupts your life until you are forced to deal with it. 

Are you ready to find deeper healing and embrace growth in a way that will re-energize your life? Are you seeking more effective or lasting relief as you recover from chronic pain or illness? I can help you navigate this journey as you explore what therapies and modalities will best support you. 

Month One

We are focused on creating a Quick Shift (NOT a quick fix), or a rapid change by connecting you powerfully to yourself, your inner wisdom and the messages your body is sending. You’ll correct misalignments to help you move forward with more ease and less discomfort.

Everyone is different, so your specific discovery process and action steps will be personally crafted for you. The basic process is generally the same and includes:

  • Initial Alignment Call (90 Minutes) 
  • Connection Call (60 Minutes)
  • Aligned Action Steps, customized to your needs to spark your Quick Shift.

Months Two & Three

This month we’ll focus on co-creating your personal Shift Into Wellness Roadmap. The process begins with the Exploration Call, where you’ll get support in exploring and discovering healing modalities and practices that are most aligned with your goals, priorities and preferences. 

We will have ongoing Alignment Calls to review and refine your plan. These support your ongoing process of exploration, discovery and integration, to be sure your activities are most supportive to your life and condition(s).

  • Exploration Call (60 Minutes)
  • Shift into Wellness Roadmap
  • 3 Alignment Calls (60 Minutes)

Also Includes

There can be a lot that comes up day to day when you are on a healing journey. Questions about food and lifestyle, therapies or modalities. You may have interesting experiences, emotions like frustration, doubt and fear can come up. 

Ongoing support is available during the program so you ask questions, share your wins and challenges in between calls. 

You will also receive a curated selection of Healing Products & Services carefully selected for you and your situation.

  • Voxer Support (ongoing support)
  • Email Support (ongoing support)
  • Healing Arts Bonuses ($200-500 value

Add Optional Deep Dive Individual Retreat

This will accelerate and enhance your experience. It is a luxuriously pampering day at the spa, a powerful healing session and a transformative retreat all rolled into one. 

This custom experience is designed specifically for you, with the focus on deep healing, nourishing self care, exploration and self-discovery. It honors your personal definition of success, your wellness goals and your life challenges.

We will move through experiences to help you connect to yourself, your inner wisdom and truth that lives in your body. We’ll decipher messages your body is sending you. We will explore ways to honor and release things that are no longer serving you and embody a way of being in your body and your life.

The work we do will address physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of yourself though integrative healing using some combination of bodywork, massage, bowenwork, sound healing, meditation, essential oils, coaching, movement, journaling and self exploration exercises. You’ll also have time and space to enjoy rest, nourishing foods, beverages and powerful energetic support.

This program is a unique and powerful blend of my intuitive healing work, highly attuned therapeutic skills, my 20+ years of vast wellness expertise, skills and knowledge packaged in a powerfully supportive and individualized program. This wellness research and exploration has been my life’s work. In seeking my own healing and providing support for thousands of clients, family and friends I am on a never-ending journey to learn and grow.

I will passionately support and empower you to dive deep into your life and rewrite your story so you can be your own hero and create more alignment, power and beauty in your life than you can imagine. 

    “I recommend Erica’s coaching as a life affirming and transformative experience. Through every communication she reinforced my value, being loving to myself and empowering me to make my own changes. She really listened to what I said, helped me customize my plan to use methods selected for me, pushing me into discovery and progress at a pace that worked for me. She has a real gift – like a hug of comfort, with a shoulder to lean on and a pat on the back, all at the same time. The support, learning and results far exceeded my expectations!”

    Is this program for me?

    This program is for you if:

    • You’re an entrepreneur not able to reach your full potential due to chronic injury or illness. 
    • You’re ready to step out of the pain and discomfort but you don’t know where to start.
    • You know what you should do, but you’re being pulled in too many directions and can’t seem to commit to taking action and prioritizing yourSELF.
    • You’re over it. You’ve been suffering for too long and don’t want to feel this way anymore.
    • You don’t want to invest more time and money visiting more practitioners who make you feel a little better, but can’t seem to get to the root cause or resolve the problem.
    • You want support from someone who can help you see the big picture and who can help you make a plan that will help your body in a way that fits into your life.
    How do I know if this program isn’t right for me?

    This isn’t for you if:

    • You aren’t ready to dive deep into yourself to explore what is really going on.
    • You don’t want to do the work and are unwilling to be uncomfortable (or be present to your own pain).
    • You just want a quick fix, a magic pill, a new diet or some easy solution.
    • You don’t want to take responsibility for your illness, pain or your own healing.
    What Healing Bonuses will I receive?

    The products, therapies, practices or bonuses can include personalized sound healings, custom meditations, supportive products such as candles, journals, cards, essential oils, energy work or healing sessions (provided by Erica or a preffered professional practitioner), in person bodywork, movement programs, or some other delightful offerings or products chosen specifically for you.

    How do I schedule a Deep Dive Retreat?

    A deep dive personal retreat is a VIP Day held in or near Grand Rapids, MI (unless other arrangements are made) and can be scheduled anytime in your program, with a minimum of 2-4 weeks notice, for an additional investment of $750, which is 50% off the regular price. The ideal time to schedule your Retreat is during the second month of the process, but it is available at anytime during the 3 months before or after your retreat to receive the special pricing.

    “Discipline is choosing between what you want NOW and what you want MOST”

    Are you ready to reach a new level of wellbeing and embody true success and healing together? 

    Are you excited to bring your work and life into balance as you heal? Your body is waiting. So am I. 

      Love, Erica