Erica Jones

root & flourish in your life, in your body, in your truth

Every Massage is Unique

Every person has different needs and preferences. Instead of being forced to choose between different, often unfamiliar massage techniques, your session should be personalized to you. That might mean you receive deep pressure to work out those knots in your shoulder, light pressure with aromatherapy on your arms and legs with extra reflexology on your feet.

Maybe your session is targeted massage with lots of stretching to help you recover from your long run yesterday. Or the focus is on the left side of your hips and back to help balance you out since you’re forever carrying your baby on one hip. Maybe you want a blissfully luxurious spa-like experience and the treatment includes essential oils, reflexology, a flowing Swedish Massage, and you add on a sound healing and meditation, foot bath or sonic massage to your experience. 

I don’t work according to my preferences, I adjust my work to yours.

  • I believe in working in the space between relaxation and pain. We can do deep, effective work, that is at the same time relaxing and you can feel amazing, instead of beat up for days. 
  • I draw from expertise and training in dozens of therapies including Bowenwork. Swedish, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Thai, Balinese, Hot Stones, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Aromatherapy, Somatics, Stretching, Muscle Balance and Function Development and more.
  • I have 20+ years experience in the field working in spas, resorts, medical and chiropractic clinics, a birth center, in corporate and at the Olympic Training Center. 
  • I love working with women and their families who are dealing with stress, injuries and chronic pain or health challenges. I am highly experienced and wildly capable to support people ranging from pregnant women to newborns; competitive athletes to the elderly and most people in between. 
  • I include essential oils, deep tissue, stretching and other “extras” in my pricing so you won’t have to face annoying up-charges, if those are things you enjoy.
  • Your time is valuable. So is your dollar. My “hour massage” is not 45-50 minutes and I don’t schedule on the hour. You’ll have the full 60 minutes of service and there is extra time at the end so no one feels rushed.
  • Because I believe that everything we feel physically has an emotional and spiritual connection, I offer coaching, sound healing, meditation to address mind, body and spirit in more holistic experiences.

I am also highly intuitive.

It might sound weird, but I can often feel what you’re feeling. This doesn’t mean I am some kind of creepy psychic who will read your mind. It means that when I am working, I tune into what is happening in your body. I can sense misalignments, see where your body is out of balance and notice where your pain is the worst and often follow it back to it’s origin. This means in each session, I do my best to give you just what you need, where you need it. 

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