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My Pillars & Process at Work


The following pillars are steps in my process and key concepts that we explore. They are also a framework you can use and apply in your own life on your journey of growth and healing. Read on if you want to learn more about the way I work.



Most of us have become experts at disconnecting. We distract ourselves from pain or tension in our bodies by occupying our minds, obsessing over the past or worrying about the future. We use the important work we are doing as an excuse to disconnect from ourselves.

Your inner wisdom lives in your body and you can only access that information by being in the present moment. Greater power can emerge in your life as you solidify your connection to self, to your body and to your spirit. Cultivating authentic connection with others in a safe, supported space is another important connecting practice.


Allowing takes the least effort and can be the most difficult to actually do. The idea here is to give yourself permission to first just be where you are.

That can be recognizing how unfulfilled you feel in a relationship or a position at work. Cultivating awareness instead of immediately trying to fix the problem or change the situation can give you insight into what is really going on.

Most of us are more likely to avoid our feelings or try to control them rather than to allow them to be. When you rush past this part, you miss the opportunity for deeper healing.


Exploration is in my nature and I love to gather insight and information about all sorts of problems. Instead of being annoyed by the screaming pain in your back or gripping tension in your shoulders, what would happen if you became curious?

Why do you push yourself so hard that you end up hunched over the computer all day, without a break? What can you do to break up your day, make your workspace more ergonomic or make yourself less stressed?

What self care practices or therapies can help you combat this consistent physical and emotional stress? Why don’t you deserve to feel good?


In your body, alignment happens when your joints are stacked above each other in a neutral way, so you can move freely and easily without pain.

In your life, alignment happens when your inner self matches your external life. In other words, your thoughts, emotions and intentions match how you show up and interact in the world.

Finding alignment in your life helps you show up more powerfully and authentically in your day to day life, when you work in the flow, with more ease and you live more joyfully, with intention.


True healing is multidimensional in natural and impacts you on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Often physical pain is related to an emotional pain or trauma. This trauma can also impact mental processing and acuity.

Seeking to heal your body without acknowledging the emotional or spiritual cause may only suppress your symptoms.  

Healing also happens in a spiral, and you may come back to an issue many times. Like an onion, you are peeling away and releasing another layer that is having a negative impact on your life.


Do you have a deep desire to improve your life, expand your business or live more fully? Have you noticed that when you seek to grow, some challenge or drama arises?

This is totally normal and creates opportunities for you to release the parts of yourself that are holding you back. Growth happens in a cycle of expansion, followed by periods of contraction.

As you reach a new level of success, your goals will expand, then naturally bring up fear about reaching the next level.

Happiness, quality of life, health and success can continue to elevate, as you continue to heal and grow.

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