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Root & Flourish in your life, in your body, in your truth

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Lodging is optional, but available directly though the Parsonage Inn for 50% off or $165-210 for the weekend. You’ll receive booking instructions when you register for the Retreat. Spaces are limited. 

Has trying to  do it all  left you  frustrated, burned out, exhausted or overwhelmed?

You don’t want to settle or give up your dreams, 

but saying no feels impossible and your pace isn’t sustainable.

  • You want to have it all, but instead end up doing it all.
  • You give everything to family, work, clients, friends and community obligations.
  • You often sacrifice sleep, healthy food, regular exercise, relationships and friendships.
  • You relax (numb) with wine and Netflix to distract from the stress, anxiety & pressure.
  • You’re concerned about emerging or chronic pain, tension, sleep & health issues.

    I’ve been there too. We don’t have to sacrifice ourselves for the life we want. 


  • Making confident decisions from a place of peace & calm, not anxiety & pressure.
  • Living in a way that honors your needs, desires, cycles and seasons.
  • Having time & space to connect with your inner wisdom.
  • Living in alignment with your hopes & dreams, not other people’s expectations.
  • Feeling energized, healthy, supported & secure.

i know this is possible

I’ve been there too. I’m Erica Jones, a recovering perfectionist, loving care-taker, determined over-achiever and passionate dreamer.

I spent too many years trying to quiet my inner critic by hustling, stressing & striving, while taking care of everyone (except myself). The chronic stress became tension, irritation, frustration and sleeplessness, which morphed into chronic pain, headaches, anxiety and illness. Continuing to spread myself too thin, the gentle warnings my body issued became clanging alarm bells I couldn’t ignore.

Deep down I knew I needed to change, but I had every excuse not to make it a priority. When forced to focus on my own healing, I was able to grow much more quickly. Connecting to my inner wisdom and truth came from connecting mindfully to my body (truth), heart (emotions) mind (thoughts) and spirit (divine guidance).

Have you spent way too much time distracted, pressured and ignoring your inner wisdom? You know what you should do, but can’t seem to take action? Are you disconnected from what you really want, deep down? 

The truth is, ignoring your inner wisdom often keeps you living from fear – hiding and playing small, nursing old wounds instead of healing them. It doesn’t want you stretching or growing in new ways.

Thankfully, the body tells you what it wants and needs. Your emotions are messengers too. You spirit might use a quiet voice or a whisper. If you’re like I was, you’re probably too busy or distracted to notice. The mind is loudest, frantically worrying about everything new and scary as likely dangerous. It’s anxious, demanding and often wrong. 

I’ve been on this journey for years and I’m fluent in body-speak. I can guide you in reconnecting to your inner wisdom.

Are you


to connect so you can heal & grow?

What’s Included

  • 2 Days of Deep Connection, Transformation and Community.
  • 1 Pre-Retreat and 1 Post-Retreat Group calls via Zoom (with recording).
  • Sound, Healing, Meditation & Coaching to heal & release what’s holding you back.
  • Embodiment Practices such as Movement, Yoga & Dance to feel & express your truth.
  • Opportunity to Align Internal Cycles with Seasons of Your Life & the Year.
  • Intention Setting & New Moon Ceremony.
  • Explore, Create & Commit to Supportive Habits & Practices.
  • All Meals (Friday Evening to Sunday Morning)
  • Daily Activities & Experiences
  • Safe Space to Go Deep

  Root & Flourish Winter Retreat 


February 21-23, 2020 

Parsonage Inn, Grand Rapids, MI 


Investment $750

(early bird rate of $499 available through Jan 31, 2020, using code EARLYBIRD20)

*Please note* Onsite Lodging is optional, but available at a 50% discount, at the Parsonage Inn for the first 5-7 attendees at a rate of $165-210 for the weekend.

(Booking instructions will be emailed after you register)


This is for You

  • Are you ready to finally enjoy the life you’ve worked so hard to create? 
  • Are you ready to feel great in your body, in your life, relationships and work? 
  • Is it time to say NO more often so you can say YES to yourself? 
  • Do you want to connect more deeply to yourself, live your purpose and cultivate more joy?

What are you waiting for?

From Mich

“Erica is the absolute goddess of understanding and she has the ability to communicate HUGE ideas in ways that are so palatable and yet moving. In general, working with Erica is amazing. She is an incredible translator of the wonders of our universe. Over the course of working together for more than a year, she has introduced me to many new concepts and aspects of myself, or deeper understanding of myself. I hit a very low point, and Erica caught me. She led me out, over the phone, while I was stuck in horrible shoulder pain, low energy, high anxiety, and on the brink of stumbling into seasonal depression. When we hung up, two weeks worth of intense shoulder pain was gone. Then I noticed my anxiety was gone, and then I noticed something more profound – the lower back pain that has plagued me daily for years had vanished. I’m in awe, and full of gratitude. I am so happy to know Erica, to have the chance to experience brand new elements of the world and myself with her magic.”

From Anna

I have never met anyone who connected so precisely on what i needed. When I booked the session, I was not expecting a miracle…but I got exactly that. She listened I intently, asking me questions which slowly pieced the puzzle together and delivered a powerful light bulb moment. Erica’s knowledge, wisdom, ability to translate little bits of information into one coherent picture which shows you exactly what the missing link is to solving your issue, is simply inimitable. Erica is magical and I cannot thank her enough for being a part of my healing.

From Katie

Where to begin?? Erica was the most inviting a kind woman to find as I walked through the doors this Saturday morning. So many emotions come to mind from this experience but mostly gratitude. She is an inspiration and I will carry the experience with me the rest of my life. I’m definitely attending as many of her events as possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Erica.

From Lucy

“I recommend Erica’s coaching as a life affirming and transformative experience. Through every communication she reinforced my value, being loving to myself and empowering me to make my own changes. She really listened to what I said, helped me customize my plan to use methods selected for me, pushing me into discovery and progress at a pace that worked for me. She has a real gift – like a hug of comfort, with a shoulder to lean on and a pat on the back, all at the same time. The support, learning and results far exceeded my expectations!” 

From Alex

The program was a source of light and positivity in a time of personal darkness. Getting focused and intentional created the opportunity for breakthrough moments to happen