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Healing Waves of Sound

Have you ever attended a Sound Healing?

Sound Healings can be group events or individual sessions curated to direct healing frequencies (waves of sound) in a way that has a profoundly positive effect on the body. Everything in life has a vibration. From the stars and the planets in the cosmos down to the molecules in each cell of your body, everything is moving or vibrating at a specific speed (or frequency). The sharp, salty ocean air smells different then the dank, pungent scent of wetlands, due in part, to the frequency of the waves that emanate from those places. The lilting sound of a flute vibrates at a higher frequency than the deep, resonate “OM” of Tibetan Monks chanting. Bright white light waves feel very different on your skin than the warm sunlight or a warm, red infrared light. The waves don’t just surround us. They penetrate our bodies and move through us everyday.

When the body is healthy, the individual cells or parts of the body resonate in harmony with each other. When we are unhealthy, the waves are chaotic or disrupted and the vibration slows. Within your body, healthy cells vibrate at a higher frequency than virus, cancer or bacteria. Vibrant health and a strong immune system is a result of a high personal vibration that makes your body inhospitable to lower frequency pathogens. Because the sound waves can penetrate your body, external (positive or negative) vibrations in the environment have a profound impact on your inner landscape, frequency and health. 

Our bodies are like radio antennas. Most of the sensory input that we receive (light, sound, color, smell, touch) is vibratory in nature and our brains and bodies are attuned to receiving and processing these frequencies. My sound healing events are multi-sensory experiences that often combine sound, light and smell to create a powerful, relaxing and therapeutic experience to support your body in clearing, repairing and healing at the cellular level.

What Will I Experience?

When you arrive at a sound healing event, it might look like a yoga class with participants scattered around the room. You can sit or lay in a comfortable position using yoga mats, using pillows, blankets, sleeping bags or even eye pillows to make yourself comfy for a deep meditation (which feels a lot like a delicious nap). You’ll see the practitioner or performers using a variety of healing instruments. I primarily use Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls, Crystal Singing Pyramids, Chimes and the occasional Tibetan Singing Bowl (metal). These are gorgeous instruments which have a powerful, heavenly sound that is uplifting, relaxing and likely unlike anything you’ve heard before.

I primarily use instruments made from 99.99% quartz crystal and the alchemy bowls are also infused with other gemstones, minerals or precious metals to further enhance the quality and sound that they produce. Quartz is used in our radios, radar, sound equipment and even in the manufacture of computers and microchips because it is known to transmit, store and amplify energy.

Your body is crystalline in nature and as Dr Gabriel Cousens describes in the book Spiritual Nutirition, “The human body on this level is a linkage of oscillating solid and liquid crystals that form an overall energy pattern for the total body. Each organ, gland, nerve system, cell, and protein structure, even the tissue salts in the body, shows a level of organization with some degree of crystalline function” (you can read more about that here). Crystal singing bowls penetrate our bodies and resonate harmoniously with our cells because of the similarities between quartz crystals and our physical structure. 

Each bowl is unique and carries with it it’s own sound and resonance. You might be drawn to one more than another, but when the bowls are gently chimed and the vibration builds between them, the angelic sound is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Your body will begin to resonate and relax with the sound in a very comforting and familiar way.

The frequencies of sound and vibration are shown to shift brain waves from the focused, alert concentration of a beta state into deeper relaxation progressing to alpha, then theta which is a meditative, expansive state of awareness. You can even access the delta brain wave state of deep sleep, where restoration and healing occur. 

People report a range of benefits and experiences during a sound healing meditation. Here are a few of my favorites: 

1. Quiets the Mind

I don’t know about you, but my mind rarely shuts off. Busy, critical, anxious thoughts, and my endless to-do list dances through my mind at all hours of the day or night. It can make focused attention, meditation and sleep challenging. When I play or listen to singing bowls, my mind becomes more peaceful, vast and silent.

2. Deeply Restorative and Relaxing

Singing bowls and guided meditation can shift your brain out of the focused beta brain wave state, into more relaxed states. You normally can only enter theta state in deep meditation and the restorative and healing delta state during deep sleep, but a sound healing can take you into these states while asleep or awake.  

3. Energizing and Uplifting

Following a session, now matter how relaxed I feel, my body also feels like it is buzzing and alive with energy. I am clear, focused and incredibly energized. The effect of specific sound frequencies is also clinically shown to regulate and stimulate the release of neurotransmitters (including dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin) that are essentially happiness hormones. 

4. Helps you be Present and Connect in your Body

Most of us are rushing through life busy and distracted. You might not notice your shallow breathing, your tight, hunched shoulders or your stiff neck when you’re in the middle of something. Your thoughts might be obsessing over something that happened last week or worrying about an approaching deadline. It might feel foreign to be present, in this moment, in your body. In a sound healing, as your breath slows and your mind quiets, your awareness may shift to the present moment and your body. You may notice the gentle expansion of your chest as you breathe. You may notice tight or sore areas begin feeling tight, then progressively relax as your attention shifts and you settle into your body. 

5. Offers Relief from Pain, Depression, and Anxiety

More research is emerging citing significant improvements in pain, anxiety, cognitive conditions and quality of life measures for people using sound and music therapy. Many hospitals and rehab centers are beginning to incorporate using sound for healing and recovery. It is also clinically shown that disruptive sounds that can cause further stress, increase pain and slow the healing process. 

In “The Healing Power of Sound”, Dr.Raymond Bahr, M.D., states: “Without a doubt, music therapy ranks high on the list of modern-day management of critical care patients…It’s relaxing properties enable patients to get well faster by allowing them to accept their condition and treatment without excessive anxiety…a half hour of music produces the same effect as 10mg of Valium”.

6. Opens You to Inspiration & Inner Wisdom

Many people go on a journey during a sound healing meditation. This is like a waking dream and that can shine light on an issue or challenge, offer a solution to a problem or provide clarity on your next steps in your life or work. You can also cultivate this connection by setting an intention or asking yourself a question at the beginning of your experience and open yourself up to the guidance your intuition brings you.

7. Balances Our Vibrations

As I mentioned before, every cell in your body vibrates. While you listen to a sound healing, many of the vibrations you absorb are too high or low to even hear, yet they are all working to entrain your body and bring it back into sync. We expend less energy when we are in sync with our environment, which creates a more harmonious experience of balance and well-being. You can think of being in your favorite spot in nature versus a high-pressured, high-stress situation. It takes more effort to be in a high stress situation and you likely experience more ease when you are enjoying your favorite place. Our bodies react to the environment we are in and the singing bowls can help you find your center.

Are you new to Sound Healing or Meditation? It requires no training or prior experience. It’s suitable for people of all fitness levels. You can enjoy the experience in a private session, a group event or by playing a recording in the comfort of your home.